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View From Seat and Seating Chart

View from Seat

To see the view from any seat in the Carlson Family Stage, please follow these instructions:

1. Click on the image of the Carlson Family Stage
2. Double click on a dot (seat) on the screen
3. A window will open with the view
      (double click to fully open the window)
4. To see other seats, click the X to close the view window and make another selection

To look at other sections of the hall, please make a choice in the Select Area box, or pick Full Map and click on the section to view.

If there are any special notes relating to a seat, they will appear below the photo.

If a seat is unavailable to select, it will be a lighter color. This means that someone else is looking at that seat. Please close the view window when you are finished so others may have the chance to see that view also.

Note:  Please do NOT add seats to your shopping cart. This will prevent others from viewing that seat.  This chart will NOT provide you with a valid ticket to any event at the Carlson Family Stage at Northrop.

Seating Chart

Click the PDF below to access a numbered seating chart.

Northrop Seating Chart

If there are any questions about seating, please call U of M Tickets and Events and we will be happy to assist you.

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